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Located in the picturesque King Valley, King River Estate was established in 1990 when the first vines were planted on the Estate.

The vineyard is on the banks of the King River and located under a small mountain in what is arguably the gateway to the upper King Valley.  Using alluvial deposits and being close to the water table, the vines enjoy rich minerals and a good natural water supply, minimising the need to irrigate even during the dryer months.  In the winery we also use minimal intervention in the wine making process such as using wild yeast to assist in a natural fermentation, which allows the wine to show its true personality thus creating a more complex range of wines. 


Straight from the cellar door 

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Using a traditional yet innovative approach to wine making, the King River Estate’s philosophy is based on the some of the "old world" techniques where wines are made naturally and the grapes are left to interact with wild yeasts, allowing for a natural fermentation to take place resulting in far more complex, soft & textural wines.




Let the grapes do the talking

"At King River Estate, they are doing some very exciting things with less familiar southern Italian varieties."

— Max Allen

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